About Best Wedding Planners in Miami


Best Wedding Planners is a website that ranks the best wedding planners in Miami. We take into account a variety of factors when creating our rankings, including customer reviews, industry experience, and more. We update our rankings quarterly to ensure that our clients are getting the most up-to-date information possible. What sets us apart from other similar websites is our commitment to quality. We only work with the best wedding planners in the business, so our clients can be sure they're getting the best possible service. If you're looking for the best wedding planner for your needs, look no further than Best Wedding Planners Miami. We'll help you make your dream day a reality.

Ranking Methodology

The ranking order for the Top 10 Wedding Planners is derived using an algorithm based on the following criteria:

  • The number of years the wedding planner has been in business
  • The number of weddings the planner has successfully completed
  • The number of awards the planner has won
  • The number of positive reviews the planner has received

Best Wedding Planners ranks various wedding planners by a number of criteria, hHowever, there are other factors that Best Wedding Planners takes into account when ranking wedding planners, such as the quality of the services provided, the reputation of the wedding planner, and the overall satisfaction of clients.

The rankings on this site are provided as a general guide and may not be 100% accurate. We encourage users to exercise due diligence in researching programs before making any decisions.


Organizations must meet the following criteria to qualify for the Best Wedding Planners list.



Local reach, serving clients across the Miami metropolitan area



A minimum of five years experience in wedding planning



A minimum of 100 successful weddings in the previous three years